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September 2, 2020

Women Are Tired

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Library of congress IEj4pcYrsHA unsplashI was working on a video project and The Grasshopper jumped off his editor’s chair and said this, “Women are tired.”

After reflecting on this message, I came away with something different than I first thought. My first reaction was, “women are overworked.” That interpretation felt too obvious. The message seemed to contain something deeper.

It prompted me to ask the ethers, “What are they tired of?” The answer came quickly and like a ton of bricks. Women are tired of being picked apart!

Women for generations have been conditioned to swallow rather than speak. Their silence has been taken as agreement with the unsolicited assessments of their capabilities or foibles.

Often, we don’t recognize change when we’re in the middle of it. It’s only afterwards that we get the recognition of what happened.

My sense is we’re in that transition now and women are the centerpiece.

Women are talking back and not taking kindly to unsolicited flack.

It’s no accident that more women are in leadership roles in our society. They’ve finally shed the mantle that only men can have a say, and no longer will tolerate being told about the errors of their “way.”

It’s not that women are more sensitive to criticism; they’re just more experience on being on the receiving end of it. No More!

To all my male readers and friends: You’ve been warned. The old axiom has new life: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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