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August 27, 2020

The Dirty Side

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John middelkoop 97NjFpxA5DA unsplashNow that hurricane season is upon us, and as we witness the devastation these storms do, it’s instructive to know if we’re on the “dirty side” of the storm.

The “dirty side” of the storm, the right side, contains the maximum hurricane impact and the most dangerous winds. In basic terms, if the storm is heading north, the left side (west) will contain the most water and the right side (east) will contain the most wind.

Both sides are dangerous but the dirty side is the one that causes the most structural damage.

Our country is involved in other violent storms: the pandemic and the divisiveness of our society. Each of these gales seems to have a side. I’ll leave it to your good judgement as to which side is causing the most damage and the side you form your personal affinity around. But when you come right down to it, these sides are just arguments – not solutions.

If you spend all your time at odds and spend your time and energy looking for examples to fortify your opinion, you are working on the wrong side (the dirty side) of the equation.

If you truly want things to add up, you need to be working on a solution. There are plenty of people who can tell you what the problems are; there are too few working on solutions. Just look at our congress for example – as divided as anytime in our life time. This “deliberative body” is not delivering solutions because it’s using maximum wind attempting to blow the other side apart, and compromising has become a lost art.

In a flooded out area, are you going to be a windbag or a sandbag? You won’t come to a solution if you continue to deride, you’ll just remain on the devastating “dirty side.”

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