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July 23, 2020

Which is Better?

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PC vs MACAs I’ve written before, “Better” and “Best” can be fighting words, especially when used with people who like to mix it up.

When someone asks your opinion, better and best don’t seems so offensive as to put someone on the defensive.

It’s when you offer an unsolicited, emphatic assertion that contains those words that you should get ready to duck. It’s highly likely that you’ll get into a verbal dust up, especially if the person you’re directing it to has a much different view.

When offering a better or best opinion, it’s “best” to say something like this: “I find that this one works better for me” OR “The one I like best is this one.” When you choose to use this type of phrasing while using “I” and “Me,” you are stating preferences, not citing bible verses.

“The best football player ever is Tom Brady.” Can you see how that statement will get someone’s fur to fly, especially if they’re not a Tom Brady fan?

This is a gentle reminder that a subtle shift in language that takes you from absolute assertions to personal preferences will keep things in conversational mode instead of going down a rocky road.

Which way is better? The way that works best!

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