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June 22, 2020

What if You’re Not You?

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Grant durr JVbW2p8ZzBY unsplashHave you ever given consideration that the you you think you are is just sort of a Clark Kent type identity? It’s your name, but it’s really a cover identity if, underneath it all, you’re really Superman or Wonder Woman.

One identity covers over the other. What if you’re not the cover you? What if you’re not the thoughts that accumulate in your head as to who you think you are, what you believe, who’s wronged you, who agrees with you, who tells you that you’re this way and not that.

That’s the very minor you, little you if you will. What if the bigger you, the all-encompassing you, is who you really are. And that other you is just some nagging little pest that gets in your way and bosses you around and tries to control you. It’s like a very insecure person who wants to join the police force solely because they desperately want to experience some kind of authority and be granted control.

And that’s what the little you is: a sanctioned controller. We’ve been conditioned to believe it’s the authority in charge of all the rules as to what’s allowed and what’s possible. It acts as a gatekeeper, keeping the passageway between the big you and itself, little you, blocked. That’s little you’s main job.

When you’re in your head and little you is spouting all the things that are “true” – things others should know about and adhere to – the things that nobody understands, but you, that’s how you clog the corridor between you and your superpower.

But, when that pseudo-important little you calms down and relaxes, it lets answers and ideas that have been held in solitary confinement to come through the gate.

This mellowing out of little you, gives you access to an unlimited you, not just to a small conceptual world that you made up in your head. When big you comes through, you’re not limited to what you already know and personal biases; you now have access to something that can’t be Googled: Wisdom.

Wanna know who’s blocking the way for you to clearly see? Yep, it’s little old me.

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