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February 13, 2020

New Facebook Category

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I’m lobbying Facebook to add a new category: (Name) has subtracted from their story.

Adding to our story has already been done – in spades. We have collected roles and labels and the stories to support them our entire lives. The question that needs to be asked is one posed by author Byron Katie: Who are you without your story?

You find your raw essence, your untainted spirit, by subtraction. Start subtracting your labels and their accompanying stories one-by-one and your justifications will be disinfected by the light of the sun.

What is it we see when we look past someone’s additions? We see and experience their spirit – something we all have in common. What do we get when we subtract our stories? – access to this animating and creative spirit.

Stories are roadblocks. They justify staying just the way we are by defending the bumper stickers we add to our human car. Getting down to the engine of spirit requires opening the hood and discovering that our raw essence is more than a shiny exterior.

As I have written before, “Subtraction is a plus.”

Start subtracting from your story and remove the labels that keep you from discovering your inborn glory.

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