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October 31, 2019


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Sarah kilian vf0lyNg41lk unsplashI heard a commentator offer a profound observation the other night and his message is universally applicable: “The only reason to make a bad argument is because you don’t have a good one.”

It got me to thinking what we argue for most: our limitations! That’s a bad argument – one that doesn’t have a forward strategy, only a defense for staying stuck.

What are we defending that’s indefensible? It’s easy to find out. Just examine any argument you make without evidence and you’ll find your limitation.

The biggest defensive and most limiting argument I’ve ever heard is this: “That’s just the way I am.” Talk about stuck. That’s truly the worst argument you can make.

A more accurate recognition is, “That’s the way I’ve been conditioned.” That observation opens the door to reconditioning vs. the mired in the muck argument that keeps you stuck.

Bad arguments not only make you look foolish but also keep you fooling yourself.

It’s worthwhile to reflect on an argument you are making that isn’t working. Continuing to make that argument only increases your limitations.

A “mirror moment” worth our reflection is this: Ask yourself, “What am I never-ending defending that continually leads to unhappy endings?”

Your answer to that question will produce a much better thing to argue for.

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