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December 23, 2008

Holiday Wishes

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‘Tis the season of giving. That’s quite visible on the surface layer. What’s not as observable is the withholding that goes on. It’s more of what you don’t give that has an effect on you.

This goes well past the notion of gifts. The Grasshopper woke me up early this morning with this little nugget wrapped in a bow:

Whatever you begrudge another, you deny to yourself.”

Imagine this letter:

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want peace and joy for everyone except the neighbors with the unleashed dog that takes a dump on my lawn.

Hope you enjoy the milk and cookies.



Who are you rooting against? You may as well replace their picture with yours as long as you hold on to that position. There is a direct proportion of self wounding that goes along with what you withhold from another.

If you send a mixed message of “I wish you well,” you can only expect mixed results. You may not see this consequence written in the court house law books, but, nevertheless, it has the force of universal law. In short, if they lose, you lose.

You’re right, it doesn’t seem fair, but remember another gift from The Grasshopper:

“Fair is a Fairy Tale.”

On this we can agree; all wars have casualties. What may not seem as noticeable is that the victor and vanquished are one. They both suffer.

When you begin to recognize everyone as a part of you, begrudging can be seen for the insanity it truly is.

What are you begrudging another this holiday season? Of this you can be certain – whatever it is, it won’t show up under your tree either.

The message I would like us all to take into the holidays and throughout the New Year is this:

Give what you want to receive.

All the best and Happy Holidays!


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