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September 18, 2019

Somewhere Else

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I witnessed this Roman arkhipov wEFvY8mi1zc unsplashphenomenon yesterday at the post office: Somewhere Else!

Standing in line, I noticed the patrons behind me shifting and silently “hurrum-phing.” I interpreted their behavior as wanting to be somewhere other than where they were: waiting in line.

I recognized the pattern because I have executed it so many times myself – wanting to be somewhere other than where I am. There is an unsettled feeling that goes along with that mindset.

I could almost read their thoughts: “I only have a half hour for lunch and I’m spending it here.” “I’ve got 15 other things to do.” “Can’t they have more people at the counter?” We’ve all been there, but not really there.

The next time you find yourself waiting in line, notice your thoughts, then take a deep breath and exhale slowly and recognize exactly where you are. Notice the things around you: the people, their clothing, the surroundings, the temperature, the feeling in your feet, the conversations people are having. In short, experience where you are.

It will get you out of your head. Your head is the only part of you that’s somewhere else. Your body is standing in line and you’re ignoring that experience.

Notice I didn’t say you have to like standing in line; just experience it with your senses rather than yak about it in your head. It will ground you where you are and you’ll avoid the being “somewhere else” dread.

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