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December 22, 2008


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Who among us hasn’t had an “ah-ha” moment?

Sometimes it’s about something small and sometimes it’s on a grander scale, but we all get them.

It seems the best use of the moment is to put it to use. Reminds me of two stories . . .

I do most of the cooking when I’m at home. I use the oven quite a bit. When the timer goes off, I open the oven, bend down and reach in and get what was baking or broiling. Anyone who cooks will tell you there is a wave of heat that hits you in the face if you don’t delay your bending and reaching in about 5 seconds to let the oven heat dissipate. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me about 10 heated facials to put my revelation into effect.

I book a lot of hotels for our seminar business. There is a lot of exchanging of paperwork via email and FAX. Many hotels want a copy of the front and back of your credit card to insure that it’s valid. Every time I would book a hotel, I would either go looking through old paperwork for a previous copy I had sent to someone, or rescan the credit card (both time consuming processes).

Sadly, it took over a year for it to dawn on me that I could scan it once and keep it in a file called “credit card copy” and just put it back in there after I was done faxing. It would be readily at my fingertips.

You may refer to me as a slow learner or just plain dumb. I’ll accept either label. The good news about revelations is that they can be quite useful if we recognize them as such and use them.

Then I got a revelation from The Grasshopper about personal revelations.

“A true revelation isn’t something you talk about and then do. It’s the other way around.”

You don’t write your book about revelations until you act on them, otherwise they remain “good ideas” filling up your journal, eventually becoming “what if’s.”

Revelations are precious gifts. When you don’t use them, you’re in effect not offering thanks to the part of you that sent them. If you get in the habit of not saying “Thank you,” the gifts have a way of coming your way less often.

In this gift giving season, remember to say “Thank you” for gifts great and small. The best way to show your gratitude is to use the gift.

All the best,


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