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April 30, 2019

Multiple Personalities

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Matus kovacovsky 248993 unsplashI believe we all have multiple personalities, but not in the way you may imagine.

We have parts of us that serve us well and parts that get in our way.

For example, when I am faced with a mechanical issue (mechanics not being my strong suit) and I miraculously come up with a solution, I say, “Thanks, Jack.”

Jack was my father’s name. He built everything from kitchen cabinets to skyscrapers, but none of that rubbed off on me. I call my mechanical solution solver “Jack.”

We have parts of us that are held in place by beliefs we got before we knew what beliefs were. I call that part of me “Outdated.” When I notice that I’m ignoring the facts and sticking with my biased belief, I have an opportunity to update it. I say, “Thanks, Outdated.”

When I make someone laugh, I say, “Thanks, Mom.” She was a very funny person.

When someone attempts to hook me by making a suggestion that’s not in my best interest, I say, “Thanks Dave.” Dave was my hypnosis teacher and he called the practice of making manipulative and counterproductive suggestions “Bad Hypnosis.”

I could go on and list more personalities than Sybil but that’s not the point.

The message is to recognize that you have parts of you that deliver solutions. The way to encourage those parts of you to keep delivering comes down to two words: “Thank you.”

Remember to thank the part of you that sent you a gift. It’s more than using your social graces; It’s an insurance policy that the gifts will keep on coming.

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