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January 31, 2019

Crumbling Control

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CookieBasic fact of life: There is no such thing as control. Yet that doesn’t keep us from continually craving our concept of it.

What’s so important to us about control? It comforts us with the illusion that we can avoid reality. We are so frightened about the unknown showing up at our doorstep, that we make up something to deal with it – Control.

There is only one response that works with reality – Choosing a response. If we automatically react the way we did before (trying to control), we already know what we’ll get – what we got before.

When we choose a response, we are responding to what’s right in front of us – not a ghost from the past or an illusion on the horizon. We’re responding to something real – Reality. We have a much better chance of dealing effectively with reality when we choose a response.

Reality is a constant in our lives. Control is an illusion. Attempting to control has the same odds of getting the tooth fairy to pay your mortgage.

Start responding to reality and watch your concept of control crumble into the nothingness that it is.

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