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December 27, 2018

Most Important Day

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TodayI was watching a movie last night and the question was asked, “What is the most important day of your life?” It got me musing.

Seems everyone would have a different answer to this question but I believe there is really only one: TODAY!

Today not only delivers what no other day has, but it also sets your tomorrow.

This is not a bumper sticker to “Seize the Day.” That’s just manufactured energy. This is more about noticing the importance of today.

Today isn’t yesterday, nor is it tomorrow. It is its own special day.

I wonder how you will spend your today. Will you attempt to relive yesterday or mentally project yourself into tomorrow? Both of those strategies will have you miss the importance of today.

Today is as important as any day in history, and during this day you will make your own history. Will it be a memorable chapter in your life or will it be not worth remembering?

This is a reminder to us all: Make today important!

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