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November 27, 2018

Holding On To Letting Go

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Letting goIt seems like something Captain Obvious would say but holding on prevents us from letting go.

What prevents us from releasing our grasp? One answer I come up with is this: Holding on to the past proves it existed. What that means to me is that we are so defined by back then, that we refuse to let it go because if we do, we believe we won’t exist.

It’s truly limiting to be defined by the roles we play in life. We are so much more but we can’t find that depth by having a death grip on the memory of who we once were.

I’m not sure I have a strategy for outgrowing the past, only the realization that the past isn’t happening now.

What is going on now is your life – not what you had then or what you will have in the future, but, rather, what you have now.

Focusing on what you have now is a springboard to letting go. Holding on is holding on to an illusion – something that doesn’t exist now.

To have the past go out of focus, we have to be present to the present. It’s really the only time that exists. Now is a reality; then is a memory and the future is a fantasy.

Here’s something worth holding on to: You aren’t the roles you play, only the spirit that can create a brand new day.

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