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November 15, 2018

Revolve or Evolve?

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Revolving doorsThis probably never happened to you but I’ve made the same stupid mistake more than once.

It’s like I was trapped in a revolving door with no exit.

The only remedy for me was to evolve. That meant recognizing I was in a circular loop.

Did you ever notice that most of your thinking is circular? To use the modern day vernacular, you “circle back” to that which didn’t work the last time.

I think we all can learn a lesson from Thomas Edison. Yes, he made lots of mistakes but not the same ones. He had the presence of mind to recognize what didn’t work and mapped out another route. That’s evolving.

One of our greatest but least used assets is our ability to notice. Noticing is the key to keep the door from revolving around the same real estate.

Notice what you’re thinking while you’re thinking it and you interrupt the revolving thought loop. It’s this interruption at the time of crime that puts you on the pathway to change.

You can be a prisoner of your thoughts and experience the recidivism that goes along with that or you can notice and be set free.

Let me circle back to the title of this post: Revolve or Evolve? One takes you for a spin; the other drives you where you want to go.

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