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October 24, 2018

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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Bad dreamWhat person or situation shows up in your dreams more often than any other?

I’m not only referring to a recurring dream, but also a dream that contains that person or situation in a variety of settings.

There are people in this world who are much better dream interpreters than me. But, by and large, we are all guessing about what the specific content of any one dream means.

What is not a guess is what’s going on behind the scenes.

This person or situation that keeps showing up is something that has not been resolved by you. You may have consciously blotted it out, but unconsciously it is indelible until it’s, as the British say, “all sorted.”

It doesn’t matter if the person is dead or alive or the situation is long gone. If they or it keep appearing, it’s time to do a mental clearing.

There is a song by The Beatles called “A Day In The Life.” There is a long instrumental portion at the end of the song that is musically begging for a resolution. It’s sensed by all who listen to it whether they have a tin ear or not. After this long period of musical tension, there is one resounding chord at the end that lasts 24 seconds. It’s sort of like a deep breath that has been exhaled.

That’s what we need to do with the person or thing in our recurring dreams – Resolve.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer but I do have a question that’s highly likely to spark a resolution. That question is: “I wonder what I could do or say now that will resolve what happened back then?” Then just go about your day and give the part of you that knows the answer some space to work on a solution.

You may have to ask this question multiple times over multiple days to start getting results, but the procedure is always the same: Do your asking and then turn the question over to a part of you that knows the answer. You don’t have to continually think about what the answer is. Just ask the question and then go about your business.

Here’s the most interesting part of this procedure: The answer may come to you in a dream.

You can continue to push your situation away, but that will only have it come back another day. If you want it to resolve, ask your question and witness your situation evolve.

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