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March 16, 2018

Everybody’s Prejudiced

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DiscriminationI’m always hesitant to make a bold, all encompassing assertion but I think I’m on solid ground when I claim that “Everyone’s Prejudiced.” It’s just a matter of degrees.

There’s all sorts of prejudice: cultural, political, racial, religious, social, etc.

The stunning reality is that a person displaying prejudice doesn’t think they’re prejudiced. I recently read an interview with a couple in their late 60s from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They were portrayed as church going, solid citizens of their community. But these salt of the earth, devout folks referred to the National Football League (NFL) as “Niggers for Life.”

As offensive as that characterization is to me, I’m sure these folks don’t believe they’re prejudiced. I’ll bet, if asked, they would make countless rationalizations to prove they’re not prejudiced, none of which would convince you or me.

But I’m just as prejudiced on other topics as they are about the NFL. I think that recognizing your prejudice to something is the first step in outgrowing that prejudice. Prejudging is the broad brush of prejudice. We prejudge by our conditioning. (Think Hatfields and McCoys).

When we decide something is going to be a certain way before we get there, we’ve prejudged. It may be prudent to anticipate what may await you, but if you’re married to your position, nothing productive will come out of your interaction.

Notice your penchant to prejudge and then notice your preconceptions each time they raise their intolerant heads.

When you recognize that your position is rooted in prejudice, you begin to dilute your conditioning and start taking things on face value, not judging with the false face of prejudice.

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