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December 21, 2017

Swimming in Tension

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TensionWhile doing my swimming workout yesterday, I was struck with this thought: Tension is caused by physically wanting to be where you aren’t.

While I was doing my laps, my thoughts went to all the last minute things I wanted to do before Christmas. My mind wanted to be doing those errands now but my body was immersed in swimming.

I started to notice tension in my shoulders and neck. There was a direct correlation between me wanting to be where I wasn’t and the tension forming in my body. It was a revelation.

I was causing my own tension by impossibly wanting to be in two places at once.

Once I had the realization, the tension eased and the rest of my workout went smoothly.

Begin to notice how often you want to be where you’re not and notice the tension that forms in your body. Just noticing the tension and its causative thought pattern steps you in the direction of letting that tension melt and fade away.

Tense? Start noticing where you actually are and then watch the other destination and the tension disappear from your thoughts and your body.

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