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November 9, 2017

Solution Pollution

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ExcusesThe Grasshopper came up with this definition the other day: “Justifications: Telltale signs that you’re not working on a solution.”

I recently wrote something called Explaining Why Until You Die and this post is an addendum to that observation.

Justifications either move you backwards or keep you in place. They rarely lead to forward progress.

When we’re busy justifying, we take all our time looking for a scapegoat or a support group to agree with us instead of taking that opportunity to seek a solution.

Solutions can’t occupy the same space as justifications. Justifications and solutions mix even less than oil and water.

I just saw a football player’s apology online. It started with an explanation (justification) of why he did what he did. There is no room in an apology for a justification. It keeps the bad blood in place and the solution you purport to want at arm’s length.

An effective and heartfelt apology is completely falling on your sword. Anything else will come off as half-baked. You may as well have said, “Let them eat cake.”

Here’s a suggestion: If you need to apologize for something, write it out first and then read it over. If it contains any reasons (justifications) why you acted the way you did, it simply won’t work. Take away the justification and clear the way toward a solution.

If you really want a solution, edit out the justification and remove the pollution.

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