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November 3, 2017

As I’ve Always Said . . .

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PompousHow often have you heard the phrase, “As I’ve always said” from people who said no such thing?

“As I’ve always said” is a red flag that you’re about to hear some form of a backtrack phrase designed to cover what they emphatically once said to the contrary.

It’s amazing to me the lengths we will go to avoid saying, “I was wrong.”

I’m reminded of the character Fonzie from the 70s TV series “Happy Days” and his inability to say certain words (see clip HERE).

The failure to apologize without justification is just another form of the fear of being wrong.

The smell of elephant dung leaves the room when you make room for being wrong.

The odds for being right all the time are never in our favor. Being able to acknowledge being wrong about something gets you a seat at the adult table.

For you sports fans, I remember saying that quarterback Jameis Winston was going to be the next Vince Young (a college standout who was a flash in the pan as a pro). Boy was I wrong. This kid is flourishing.

How hard is it to acknowledge that your opinion didn’t pan out or that something you did was wrong? You’ll garner more respect and, frankly, feel better when you do.

As I’ve always said, “when I’m right, I’m right.” Too bad for me I can’t say it that often.

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