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May 25, 2017

Bill of Goods

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Bill of goodsI’m guessing you’re familiar with the old time, pejorative phrase “You’ve been sold a bill of goods.”

Let me state the obvious: You can’t be sold a bill of goods if you’re not buying.

This is not a warning to stay home and “sew up your pockets” as much as it is an invitation to notice what you’ve been sold that’s proving to be worthless.

We’ve been sold on too many third-rate things to count through our conditioning. The key is to find one of them and start pulling on its string. This realization and action begins a domino effect on our other bills that aren’t that good.

What have you been sold, without your permission, that’s holding you back from viewing reality?

Is it a way of life? Attitudes? Prejudices? Zero in on what you’ve been sold that can’t be resold. Come around to the idea that it’s a worthless commodity that has strung you along and has led you deeper in debt.

Animal lovers beware: You may have to slay a few, sacred cows to get to the point where you are debt free from these bills.

It’s a process – one that begins with reflection on the hole you’re in. As the Grasshopper warned years ago: “Change your behavior or stay in your hole.”

What are you passionately defending that doesn’t hold water? By mindlessly defending, you are using a sieve for a bucket.

Take a moment to focus on the results you consistently get. If they are unfulfilling, become willing to inspect your behavior. What you’re likely to find is an old bill not worth paying.

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