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December 7, 2016

How Right is Wrong?

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WrongThe Grasshopper was up early this morning and delivered this nugget:

“If you’re looking for something wrong, you’ll find something wrong.”

I remember when my wife from another life used to manage a bank branch and had FDIC inspectors coming in. I recall her saying, “No matter how well we run our branch they’ll find something wrong. It’s their job and their job security depends on it.”

How often do we discolor what we discover by filtering it through a “wrong” filter?

Have you ever seen a newspaper cartoon with the heading: “What’s right with this picture?”

I’m not suggesting rose colored glasses that make us look for only what’s right. It’s more of a nudge to experience life rather than prejudge it.

“I heard this movie is going to suck.” What do you think you’ll be filtering for when you watch the film?

Preconditions take away options – viable options that may never surface in their presence.

We limit ourselves when we filter our options. “What do you want? Chinese or Mexican?” There is a whole menu of options being ignored with that limiting filter.

Options lead to discoveries and it’s hard for me to find something wrong with that.

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