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August 25, 2016

Take Aim on Living

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TargetHere’s a Throwback Thursday tidbit from The Grasshopper: “Reclaim Your Spirit And Take Aim On Living.”

There is an animating spirit to all living things but we tend to forget about that source when it comes to living.

It’s easy to get caught up in our head and end up in the land of the living dead. It’s better to take a moment and focus on the life coursing through your body; it will instantly remind you of where real living happens.

Your spirit is ageless and timeless. It was here before you and will be here after you’re gone. It’s really everyone’s spirit; you just happen to notice it taking up temporary residence in your body.

Your head, on the other hand, is like a child in want of constant attention. The more attention we pay to the voice in our head, the more removed we become from our spirit. We become lifeless.

How do we become more “spiritual”? Pay attention to the part of us that animates our body. Make it a daily practice, like a coffee break, just to notice your spirit. An easy way to do this is to notice what’s going on in certain body parts, like you hands. What sensations are going on this very moment in your hands? Sense it. There’s something going on there around the clock, but too often we fail to notice because we’re too busy having an endless debate in our pate.

Just taking the time to acknowledge and feel our spirit, brings more spirit into our daily lives. The benefit is this: You’ll feel more of life’s purpose when you reconnect with your spirit. It’s so easy to do, just take a little bit of time to sense what’s going on in you.

When you take a vacation from your head, you’ll feel more life, which is the purpose of living.

When you make your aim living, life gets easier and more forgiving.

Make it your mission to reclaim your spirit and you’ll hit the target more often – Living!

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