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June 23, 2016


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Loose EndsI got this phrase from The Grasshopper yesterday: “A loose end trying to tie a knot.”

It seems it highlights a part of us that doesn’t complete things. I believe that includes most of us, but some of us are world-class at starting quick and fading fast.

You have to admire the upfront passion these humans exude, but scratch your head at how quickly their flame disappears. It’s as though they’re a sparkler.

I will admit that this is a mini rant. I have a phrase that I made up that’s not very complimentary toward this kind of behavior. I say, “He/She’s a walking loose end.”

The little I know about the personality typing system known as the Enneagram, these folks seem to be a stagnant Type 7. They get hot and bothered and then don’t bother.

I’m amused and OK with this behavior when I don’t have to do business with these folks. Socially, they bring a lot to the fun, superficial side of life. But when it gets down to the “nitty-gritty,” it’s a pity.

Here’s a conversation I have with every person I hire to do a job for me: “You don’t have to over deliver; you just have to do what you say you will do.” When I hear hyperbole, I want to throw pies.

My rant is over and I don’t think it will change anything by expressing it but it might get you curious about this: to compete, you have to complete. Otherwise, you’re wearing a disguise that delivers more lows than highs.

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