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November 19, 2015

The Truth

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Arguing“Liars and angels both tell the truth.” So said The Grasshopper this early morn.

I propose we excise truth from our language and stop wasting breath on that which we can’t claim.

There will always be shades to what we call the truth. It’s in that shade we will hide from the light someone else is attempting to shine on our truth.

To my eyes there is only one truth that you can depend on – Reality.

When we start interpreting reality, we get to subsets of the truth – our truth – which cannot be proven, only argued about.

I was at the gym the other day and two men in the locker room were disagreeing about one of the hot button issues of the day. Both of them argued that they had the truth. What they failed to realize was they had an opinion and both mislabeled theirs as “the truth.”

Did anyone win? Was anything settled? Not to this observer’s eyes and ears.

Do we stop having discussions about what we believe in? I hope not. My only request is to stop labeling your point of view as the truth. I will do the same.

“The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” doesn’t exist when it comes to our beliefs.

When someone says, “It’s my truth,” what they are really saying is that it’s their belief – their opinion that they’ve dressed up in righteousness and call it the truth.

When you argue for truth, you will remain arguing and nothing will get settled.

If you want to remain unsettled for the rest of your life, keep arguing for the truth.

Here’s my opinion: Most people who claim the truth is on their side are living a lie.

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