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May 21, 2015

Time Outs

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Time“Real life doesn’t have time outs.” So said the Grasshopper early this morning.

It sort of reminded me of the old maxim that life is not a dress rehearsal.

Life continues forward even when we want the world to stop or back up so we can get a do over.

The only time out that seems real is the time out we take from time.

It’s a hard intellectual concept to grasp but I’m pretty sure the philosophers and mathematicians agree that time doesn’t exist.

So taking a time out from time leaves you the only place you can ever really be, and that’s where we all are right now – in the present moment.

So if you want the clock to stop ticking, stop paying attention to the clock and start focusing on the moment you’re in right now. It will make time stand still.

You’ll never need a time out when you’re in the present moment because the concept of time will slip away as you give whatever’s in your attention the time of day.

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