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March 4, 2015

Global or Local?

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C309825 mMost of us have been exposed to the notion of taking care of our little corner of the world as being our contribution to the globe. I wonder how it works in reverse.

What happens when you think globally? My sense is that doing so expands your options.

This is not a “Save the Planet” post, just a suggestion that considering the whole expands your little corner of the world.

What is the whole? I’m not quite sure but I know it contains all the tiny corners.

A circle has 360 degrees. Let’s pretend the circle represents the whole and each one of its 360 degrees represents a part. How often do we stand on the same degree mark and interpret the world from there? There are 359 other angles of approach but we stay stuck on one.

The more we move ourselves around the circle and view our world from different angles, the more global we get.

This global strategy can be experienced by putting into practice the title of an old song: Walk A Mile In My Shoes.”

It seems to me that “Hooray for our Side” is at epidemic proportions. That’s local and limiting. It doesn’t matter what the topic, the more you stay local, the more you stay in conflict, and we justify that stance by clamoring that we are right.

We remain in a constant state of conflict when we stay stuck in our own little world. Just shift your position a degree or two and find out for yourself that global options mean less war for you.

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