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February 19, 2015

Thinking like an Employee

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C208013 mI was struck with another self imposed stumbling block to success the other day – Thinking like an Employee.

I have been an employee and an employer over the years and here’s my experience: The people who remain at the water cooler talking about their lot in life are thinking like employees. The modern day water cooler is social media and the same folks are there complaining.

Employees who don’t think like employees are capable of seeing a bigger picture – one that includes more people than themselves. Employee thinking is generally self-centered and exclusionary of others.

I have been guilty of employee thinking in the past and I can testify that it didn’t serve me well. Employee thinking is loaded with victimization and persecution. As long as you remain in that frame of mind, you’ll stay stuck in “employee-ville.”

I don’t need to know anything personal about some people I see on Facebook to know they’re forever bumping up against life. Their posts give them away. The passive-aggressive striking out that they do lets me know they think like an employee.

People who move past employee thinking leave behind the phrase “It’s not my job.” If you’re an employer, you know that every one of your employees’ jobs is your job. Employer thinking is more inclusionary.

Generally what I find is that employees who don’t think like employees are more successful in their jobs and have more satisfaction in their life. If that sounds attractive you, then consider giving up thinking like an employee.

It may take some work to figure out that “the man” is not out to get you. Once you figure that out, it’s time to start thinking bigger picture. Start thinking past yourself and watch doors of opportunity begin to open. They are always there; they’re just not by the water cooler.

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