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January 21, 2015


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C76601 mI can’t know this for sure but it seems like everything in the human experience is temporary, with the exception of love.

Love seems to be a permanent fixture – not the love of something or someone but the ever-present nature of love itself. It seems that it’s always available.

We expend untold energy attempting to make temporary things permanent not knowing that we are going against the flow every time we do. Reminds me of an expression my mother used to use: “Children are only lent to you.”

They are only temporarily yours before they head off on their own. If you are anything like me, you may rail against that concept because you cherish the family atmosphere of having children around. But that situation, no matter how much you love it, is a temporary one.

Happiness is also temporary. It’s here, it’s gone, it’s back and it’s gone again. It’s in a state of flux – temporary.

In order to co-exist with temporary, we have to recognize its existence so we can take advantage of its limitations. The limitation of temporary is that it will never be permanent. To take advantage is to appreciate the experience you are having while you are having it.

If you are feeling happy, celebrate it while it’s here. Don’t waste your time trying to capture it in a jar, that will only take away from the experience and shorten its visit.

If you are sad, notice it while it’s here and, again, quoting my mother, “If you’re sad, you’ll get glad again.” It’s temporary.

Beginning to appreciate temporary will have you begin to appreciate your experiences more. You’ll begin to outgrow the concept of permanent and the frustration that notion brings.

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