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September 18, 2008

Old School

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There is a new expression that’s crept into the language over the past few years – “Old School.”

I guess it depends on how you interpret it, but to me it means fundamentals.

There are entirely new ways of doing things that show up every day but when you investigate them, they are mostly based on principles that have been around for awhile.

Whether you’re typing on an old Remington or an ergonomic, computer keyboard, you still have to know how to type. Even if you’re thumbing your way around a Blackberry, you have to know how the letters are laid out in order to fashion an intelligible email or text message.

Fundamentals seem to get lost when we exclusively buy into mantras like, “Think outside the box.” That’s great advice after you have explored what’s readily available. As Jerry Stocking says, “No need to call on the universe when you can do it yourself.”

“Old Hat” is an old and entirely different expression and, to me, it represents outdated and stale.

There is a tiredness about an “Old Hat” strategy and the results always produce diminishing returns. There is an energetic weakness surrounding something or someone that cannot deliver the goods. Trust your human Geiger counter to pick up on that reading and trust it.

Hint: The Geiger counter is not in your head. You will feel a sensation in your body long before the thought about it shows up and gets debated. Sensations need no debate – they’re either OK or not OK.

There is work involved in anything that’s worthwhile. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you something without “Old School” fundamentals.

I guess the message is when you are looking for a method to move forward, make sure there is a foundation beneath it, otherwise you’ll wind up with an archaic hat on a sand sculpture.

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