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September 22, 2014

Fix or Resolve

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ImagesIt occurred to me over the weekend that the words “fix” and “resolve” are often used interchangeably but often mean different things.

“Let’s fix the bike tire” is pretty clear cut. “Let’s resolve this ongoing issue” takes us in a different direction.

“Fix” implies getting it back to the way it was working; resolve may have you come to the conclusion that it may never work that way again.

“Fixes” are often short fixes, especially in relationships. You fix it until the next time it happens. Too many short fixes suggest that you need to resolve that which needs constant fixing.

To me, resolving is a longer term fix.

Resolving means moving past the short fixes to something that has more lasting power. Resolving may also mean it’s time to move on.

“Kiss and make up” is a staple in our culture, whether in personal or professional situations. Where it becomes counterproductive is when the bulk of your time is spent making up rather than making plans for what will work long-term.

We all get into fixes and the short-term solution often works fine. “My water heater just broke. Can you lend me the money to fix it? My tax refund is due next week and I can pay you back then.”

Contrast that with the person who asks you to borrow $20 every Monday and says they will pay you back on Friday on pay day. You no longer have access to your money for four days every week. That’s an ongoing situation that needs to be resolved, not fixed.

Final thought: If you’re constantly in a fix, you would be best served to find some resolve, otherwise you’ll be forever pedaling on flat tires.

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