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September 16, 2008


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I think we all need a reminder from time to time that we have internal resources. I got one the other day.

I was leaving the supermarket and noticed a woman who looked familiar. We exchanged “hellos” and went on our merry ways. I knew I knew her but didn’t know from where. I did the usual mental gymnastics that rarely work attempting to recall how I knew her. I finally let it go and a day later, while driving past the supermarket, it popped in. She’s the lady from the package store. It got me to wondering.

How often do we forget to remember that we have internal resources? There is a part of us that works on stuff. Notice we always go into competition with that part in an effort to do it all ourselves. That rarely works. Sometimes, you just have to hand it over and trust that your internal resources will work on what you’ve been working on.

We are a planet of people who overwork our intellects by asking them to do more than they are designed to do. We tire ourselves by expending mental energy on something that would be solved quicker if we just gave it a rest. There’s a reason they have rest periods in most of the major team sports. It not only recharges the body; it also recharges the mind.

We let our mind use us instead of using our mind. When we allow our mind to “un-cram,” we make a space for solutions.

Thinking is the most overrated function of the human mind. It’s a series of thought loops that keeps us going in circles. It’s productive to remember that we can truly benefit from a time out.

There is a certain level of trust necessary to allow your internal resources to work. We have misplaced our trust in thinking. We have set it up as an idol worth our worship, when it’s really a false god.

Our thinking works best when we give it a rest. Our intellect is very adept at assembling information. If you continually give it the same information, it will assemble the same solutions. Trying harder gets you more of the same.

Who hasn’t regretted dashing off a nasty-gram to someone that would have contained more effective language had they delayed it for a day or so?

Exasperation is the telltale clue that your thinking needs a break.

Remembering that you have internal resources and allowing them to work is the step necessary to prove the old axiom – “Work smarter, not harder.”

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