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July 16, 2014

Tinted Windows

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5388023911 a610cc27a6 zI used to think I was special in my ability to see through people. Then I realized everyone owns this skill. My “specialness” faded a bit when I realized I didn’t see that.

Have you ever just known something about someone you just encountered even before they took an action or spoke a word? My guess is you answered “Yes.” That means you own the skill.

If you know this about an other, the corollary must be accurate. They can see through you too. We act as though we have “tinted windows” when it comes to our “secrets,” but they’re on parade for anyone willing to trust their sensations.

That’s the key: Trust your sensations.

When you get a “vibe” or “gut reaction,” resist the temptation to go into debate mode in your mind and just sit with the feeling for a moment and trust its accuracy without having to stockpile evidence to validate your sensation.

Sensations are raw, unfiltered events that arrive well before any evidentiary thought. Adding thought to the sensation waters it down until you start to doubt your own calibrating mechanism.

If you’re getting fooled more often than not, you are ignoring your gut.

I’m not claiming it’s the only tool you own, it’s just the most useful; yet we let it go unused and sit at the bottom of of toolbox.

Gut reactions are not only useful in dealing with others, they’re also a barometer to use for where to head next. I just saw a TED talk from Mangus Walker, an unassuming man who followed his gut to heights he may have never attained had he paid attention to the overabundant logic that would spray water on the fire in his belly.

If you judged Mangus’ book by its logical cover, you may come away with the judgement that you’re dealing with a “long haired, bearded, hippy loser” rather than a highly successful entrepreneur who followed his gut.

We can all learn a lesson from Mangus Walker.

Discover that you own a gut and pay more attention to it than you do now. It will head you in directions that limiting logic can’t see and add to your ability to notice transparency.

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