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September 10, 2008


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It’s football season and I am reminded of something legendary coach Bill Parcells said. It went something like this: “Even great running backs look average when the offensive line doesn’t open any holes for them to run through.”

Our offensive line is our internal dialogue. When it’s chattering away, no one can hear the signals and the play goes nowhere. We get tackled in our own backfield again.

In order to open up holes in our thinking for great ideas to run through, we have to trust the signal calling of the quarterback and quiet down so we can hear them.

How often do we block ourselves? Every time we have mental arguments in our head we are chattering in the huddle and all parts of us don’t get to hear the play that’s being called. That’s because everyone wants to play quarterback. We have been convinced through our conditioning that we can call plays better than our quarterback. This same conditioning has us ignore that we keep getting tackled for no gain using this strategy.

Your quarterback knows what play will work best for all parts of you. You just have to get quiet and listen. Then you have to execute the play.

Here is the playbook that leads to failure: claiming all the glory for our touchdowns and deflecting all the responsibility for our fumbles. Notice how easy it is to say “I did it” when everyone is cheering, and how easy it is to pass the buck when we drop the ball.

When you accept that there is one player who has your best interest at heart and can call the plays that work best, you will find holes to run through. If you resist ceding power to this more skilled player, you’ll be known as the proverbial player with all the potential that never panned out.

We are tempted everyday to execute a play that has never worked before. The next time you notice that temptation, get quiet in the huddle and listen to your quarterback. And don’t be too surprised at how many more touchdowns you score.


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