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September 9, 2008


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The word “Deserve” popped into my head yesterday. It dawned on me what an anti-reality word it is and how it causes so much pain for the user.

“I deserve a raise.” I deserve a promotion.” “I deserve an opportunity.” “I deserve better treatment.” These are the type of phrases that we have all used and they most often promote disharmony in our mind.

We set up a tug of war between what we’re deserving of and what we’re not getting. This leads us to the land of illusion instead of the realm of reality.

Reality is one force. “Is” or “isn’t” are the only true definitions of its manifestations. “Deserve” doesn’t fall into the category of “is” or “isn’t.” Our mind carves out this make believe territory in an attempt to convince us there is more than the “is” or “isn’t” of reality. It’s quite the game and we get hooked into playing time and again with diversion being the only result.

Either you got a raise or you didn’t. The same is true for a promotion, an opportunity or better treatment.

If you desire better treatment, “deserve” will never get you there. “Deserve” puts any necessary action on hold as long as you sit in its way station.

You can certainly get a group of people to agree with you that you deserve whatever you don’t have, but all the commiserating in the world won’t change “isn’t” to “is.” Reminds me of a story I’ve told before . . .

Many years ago I was out of work and was offered a job and a lot less money than I was making. I was telling my tale to my friend, Paul and said, “It’s not as much money as I was making. I deserve more.” Paul in his succinct wisdom responded, “It’s more money than you’re making now.”

What I discovered was this: You define your worth when you agree to compensation. You are worth what you accept. No amount of “deserve” will add to your paycheck or any other area in life.

You ignore the reality of the way you’re being treated, compensated, held down or bypassed by entering the wacky world of “Deserve.” If you stay there, you truly get what you deserve.

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