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May 14, 2014

Behavior Fulfills

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DreamerThe Grasshopper woke me from a dream and offered this: “A thought may spark your dream but only behavior fulfills it.”

There are many people who have more dreams than me but, like you, I have my fair share of them. I’m only guessing here but my sense is the ones that don’t get fulfilled are either highly improbable fantasies or our behavior doesn’t match the fervor of the dream.

Dreaming is a creative release and we release any hope of it gathering steam when both feet are in the clouds. A return to earth is required to get “boots on the ground.”

The journey leaves dreamland the minute you begin your march.

I may have offered this before but I believe dream fulfillment would be better served by putting together a “behavior list” rather than just a “bucket list.”

I abhor the word “try.” It’s the excuse word of the unfulfilled dreamer. Show me your “behavior journal” on the things you “tried” and your lack of entries will reveal why your dreams remain a dream.

We are world class in making excuses for our behavior or lack of it. We haven’t taken the time to notice how much time we spend on justifications that only reduce our chances of fulfilling our dreams.

I promise you this: Only behavior will get you to the Promised Land.

Please continue to dream your dreams, but do yourself a service: Stop justifying not fulfilling them. All that does is keep your behavior on hold, and behavior is the only pathway toward your dream.

Do yourself this favor: Inspect your behavior. If you’re honest, you’ll find it to be the missing ingredient that’s making your life a boulevard of broken dreams.

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