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April 21, 2014

Win, Lose, Be

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C708447 mIt occurred to me that there are three possible positions in a moment: Win, Lose, Be.

Win and Lose are judgements and Be is just like Switzerland – Neutral.

Taking the time to consider whether you are winning or losing in a moment brings to mind the old Satchel Paige line: “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

When you get preoccupied with whether you are winning or losing, you miss out on where you really are – here and now or “Be” for short.

It is helpful to triangulate from time to time. It’s an assessment of where you are in relationship to where you want to be. But when that becomes your default mindset, you trade the moment you’re in for one that doesn’t exist. We miss a good portion of our lives by doing so.

Take a moment not to judge a moment and just see what happens. I’m not sure what will happen for you but when I do it, winning and losing go out of focus and what’s right in front of me becomes tack sharp.

Every moment has something to offer but we may miss receiving its gift if we’re off winning or losing in the past or future.

Rather than taking some “Me” time, try taking some “Be” time. You’ll spend less time thinking about, “Yay me” or “Woe is me” and more time experiencing what’s really happening.

It’s in these moments that we feel real. The minute you begin to judge a moment rather than live it, you lose the moment and all it has to offer. It becomes like an incredible dream whose richness fades when we reenter the world of win or lose.

Win and Lose will always be be there for the taking, but Be is only here now. Take advantage of its visit and find the real magic this neutral position has to offer.

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