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March 26, 2014


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C432992 sDid you ever notice that the conversations in your head go nowhere? The same argument that you had yesterday, last week, last year, last millennium or beyond is still going strong, and still going nowhere.

If your mind had an announcer for what was going on in there, he/she would say, “And the thought loops just keep on coming.”

The key to finding an exit ramp from the thought loop is to notice that you’re caught in one. Just take a step back and witness the conversation continuing. You become the audience rather than a participant. It’s really entertaining when you stop to notice. There is a whole production going on in there just waiting to be noticed.

Noticing disengages you from the conversation. You become present to it rather than consumed by it. It’s really a monumental step forward in discovering that you are not your thoughts. They are independent of you. You can prove that to yourself by just taking a moment and witnessing what goes on in your own head.

You discover that you are much deeper than thought. It’s quite the discovery.

It’s interesting to me how serendipitous life can be. When I was struck with the idea for this post about conversations in our heads the other day, I got an email from Jerry Stocking inviting me to read his blog post called “Visible and Invisible Thinking.” It details a process of not only noticing the thoughts but how to deconstruct them so they lose their hold on you. I invite you to read it by clicking here.

Discovering you begins by noticing you are not your thoughts or the labels you affix to yourself. You can notice and pull apart that thinking apparatus and construct a lighter method of living.

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