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September 4, 2008

Retirement Communities

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There are some beautiful retirement communities that I have visited. They are loaded with activities galore from championship golf to appealing clubs of like-minded people. It seems the people whom I meet at these places have led, and continue to lead, interesting, active and full lives. My guess is I will never move to one.

The main topic of conversation I hear is one that I believe is counter-productive – Health. But that conversation isn’t isolated to retirement communities. It’s like dog hair; it’s everywhere. I think I read a statistic that said that people researching health topics on the internet was more prevalent than searching for porn.

Talking about health seems to be the rapport building topic of choice with a large number of people. To me, engaging in this chit-chat is more harmful than the plague and I find it a major drain on my energy.

As I wrote in my free e-book, THE SUCCESS TRIANGLE:

Many people hold their state of health in place with words. The most destructive label is

the word “My.” “My arthritis” won’t allow me to play tennis anymore. “My diabetes”

leaves me with little energy. Two things that will give you more power immediately are:

1. Drop the word “My” from any disease process.

2. Apply “In the past” to any limitation you ascribe to the disease.

For example: “In the past, arthritis has kept me from playing tennis.” “In the past,

diabetes has caused me to feel less energetic.”

“My” is a word, to which we’ve been conditioned, that means ownership. Who wants to

own arthritis? I’m not suggesting this shift in language will make arthritis or diabetes

disappear. What I’m suggesting is, if you refer to it “In the past” and remove the

ownership, you may find your situation more palatable. Better yet, if there is a way your

mind can help you ease or put this disease behind you, this new language will facilitate

the process.

Even more to the point, talk only about your health with the people that can help you – your physician or mental health care provider.

Talking about your health challenges ad nauseam keeps nausea in place. It never adds to the conversation; it always brings it to a level of stagnancy where the germs multiply.

It’s as simple as this: What you focus on, you keep in place. Place your focus of conversation elsewhere and see how healthy you can get.

When I find myself trapped in a social setting where health is the topic of choice, I immediately bring to mind a picture of a ripe, luscious looking apple and politely tune out. Most people are not open to the idea that talking about their health situations keeps them sick, so there is little hope of convincing them in that setting. Their belief has too much support from like-minded people. The sickest people I know are always talking about sickness. The healthiest people I know rarely do.

This is an invitation to get curious and monitor your social conversations about your health because the more often you drone on about disease, the more you contribute to the cause rather than the cure.

To your good health,


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