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March 11, 2014

Be Happy When Happy Is Here

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C626585 mThe Grasshopper was whistling a happy tune the other day when he said, “Be happy when happy is here.”

If you’ve been paying attention to your happiness, you know for sure that it comes and goes on its own timetable and is never a permanent resident.

Happy is a feeling and it’s wise to feel it when it pays a visit.

I, like you, have found that some people are happier than others. That means they have more happy moments. There is no one I’ve ever met that is always happy. Anyone who’s selling that is mixing up snake oil in their garage.

So what makes one person happier than another? I find they are more open to visits from happiness. It’s the same for people we deem “lucky.” They’re more open to the possibility of something happening.

You’ll never hear them say, “I’ll never be happy.” They also don’t use something as a condition for happiness as in, “I’ll be happy when such and such happens.” Happier people leave the door unlocked and allow happiness free entry when it drops by.

Not only are they more open to happiness, they celebrate it when it’s here.

We close ourselves off to happiness when we chase it and try and capture it in a jar. It’s like grasping at air. Happiness can’t be contained but it can be welcomed and celebrated. Those are the two mindsets that seem to cause happiness to come by more often and hang around for a second cup of coffee.

“Being happy when happy is here” is celebrating happiness – feeling it and enjoying it when it arrives. You can guarantee more arrivals by putting out the welcome mat – the willingness to be open to it, rather than setting up conditions for its visit.

When you are open to happiness, you recognize it more often and welcome it in. When happiness is conditional, you may not recognize it when it knocks on your door and ignore it like it’s someone attempting to sell you aluminum siding or their brand of religion.

It’s hard to come up with a better reminder than the one left for us by our 16th President: “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Make up your mind to be willing to be happy when happy is here and you’ll be the person celebrating happiness more often than most.

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