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September 3, 2008


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My business partner has a saying that goes something like this: “The reason it’s so difficult to climb the ladder of success is because it’s so crowded at the bottom rung.”

It seems accurate that our thinking keeps us on the rung we currently occupy. The major difficulty is we have set up some sort of competition with God that we know what’s possible for us. That is not only a limitation but hubris at the highest level.

What I remember from my construction days is that ladders can also be used to go down below decks as well. It seems we have it filed in our minds that ladders are only used to climb upward. That is one of the short-sighted mental limitations that we own.

We always seem to start at the bottom rung at ground level and we get into a pushing and shoving match not only with others but with ourselves. No wonder we stay in place.

We have convinced ourselves that we know the way up the ladder but the evidence proves our way is not working. I like to call it “a better way that doesn’t work.” We come up with the same tired solutions that have never worked before in the hopes that if we “try” harder, they will be successful this time.

Climbing downward below decks with the ladder is the first step to making our way back upward. There is no crowd at these depths. It’s from this deep, quiet place that you muster the energy and the strategy to climb higher.

When you use the ladder in this fashion, you have momentum built up when you reach ground level which propels you past the crowd elbowing for room on the bottom rung.

If you’re convinced that fighting for space is the way to go, you will be held down by the aura of mediocrity that surrounds you.

The key is to go in a different direction first – downward, deeper. This visit to the depths will make your climb more fluid and keep you from getting sandwiched in with the people competing with God who have a better way that doesn’t work.

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