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January 16, 2014

Learning to be You

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C616329 mIt occurred to me recently that one of life’s missions is “Learning to be you.” For me, it took a long time but the wait was worth it.

Learning to be you is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s not about your preferences or prejudices (those are ideas that live in your head); it’s more about the comfortable sensations you have about being you.

I imagine that we’ve all dreamed what it would be like being someone else, but even if that dream became a reality, it would pale in comparison to being you.

Being you is being home. It requires no justification or defense, it just is.

It’s not the declaration, “That’s just who I am.” That’s a defense of a mind made facade. Being you is being secure in the worth of your existence and a contentment with the Buddha‘s notion that “Everything is as it should be.”

Being you isn’t being passive; being you lets more things naturally pass by that you would have reacted to in the past. You don’t sweat the small stuff as much – the stuff that caused you so much consternation before.

Being you is not being above it all; it’s being inclusive of it all and letting what doesn’t stick fall harmlessly away.

It’s always a challenge when attempting to put a feeling into words because there are no words that can describe a feeling. There is no way of describing “Being you.” It’s an experience that you will instantly recognize when it happens to you – kind of like being in love.

Being you is loving who you are past all the labels that have been ascribed to you. My hope is that you find you and saturate yourself in the comfortable sensations of being home.

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