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August 23, 2013


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C442778 mCall me late to the party on the following distinction but it just dawned on me that there is a difference between being out of shape and being out of condition.

In regards to your body, being out of shape indicates that your shape has changed shape – meaning you have packed on pounds, not muscle. If you are out of condition, your appearance may be quite acceptable to you and others, but even though you look good, you can’t keep up with those who are highly conditioned. That means, to cite a sports reference, they are in “game shape.”

Is your conditioning in game shape? Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you are out of condition.

Most of the world is focused on shape – outer appearance; Changing your life has nothing to do with your shape and all to do with your conditioning. Focusing on shape can have you look the part but you can’t play the part.

Do you hate it when you run into a self made rich person who’s dumber than a doorknob? “How did that idiot manage to make all that money?” He/She ignored their appearance and got conditioned in the ways of making dough.

Shape and smarts are good for bragging rights but results depend on proper conditioning.

Is your lack of proper conditioning standing in your way? You bet.

What is proper conditioning? It’s recognizing that your conditioning is out of shape. That means to take notice that what you repeatedly are doing isn’t working. We seem to think that if we run at a closed door and bounce off, that all we have to do is hit it harder the next time. That will get you black and blue but won’t get you the blue ribbon.

Don’t escape to your dreams and aspirations as a remedy; look at your actions. We may be a thoroughbred in our thinking but a horse’s ass when it comes to our actions. That type of conditioning keeps us out of the winner’s circle.

If you aren’t getting results, you are out of condition. That means you have to adjust your actions, not your thinking. Adjusted actions lead to proper conditioning; Thinking about actions keeps you inactive, unable to compete.

Are you BS-ing yourself? Yes, if you talk a good game but don’t have the conditioning to back it up.

Want to shape up? Notice that your conditioning isn’t working and recondition yourself by taking action in a new direction. It’s how losers become winners and fantasies become reality.

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