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August 14, 2013

Being You

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C515681 mThe Grasshopper was on vacation for a few days but came back all tanned and refreshed yesterday and offered this: “You’re the best at being you.”

It seemed more than the quote I remember from Dr. Robert Anthony: “You always do the best you can do in accordance with your present level of awareness.” That is a reminder that our frame of mind contributes highly to executing our best behavior.

“Being you” seems deeper.

You are a unique expression of life. No one else can be you, not your twin, not your understudy – no one. It seems obvious to say that only you can be you, but I don’t believe we’ve fully explored how purposeful that being you is to living our life.

No one else can live your life for you – only you. You don’t get a stand-in and as the old axiom goes: Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be you? No one else can have that realization, only you.

No one but you can express like you. The question then becomes: “What am I expressing?” and then, “What can I express?” When you answer those two questions, I submit that you begin to find your purpose – what you are here to do.

No one can express your purpose as well as you. “What am I expressing?” helps you find your patterns – your conditioned way of doing things. “What can I express?” leads you away from your limiting patterns towards purpose.

Your purpose may not be grandiose or on the order of world peace but something only you can do the best. Perhaps it’s being the best parent for your children. No one can parent like you and when that notion is infused with purpose, you are the best at being you.

Being you is not someone else’s idea of who you should be; it’s a self discovery of the purposeful you.

Don’t mistake being you with the old show tune, “I’ve Gotta Be Me.” “Me” is just a collection of patterns that we defend, many of which lead us astray.

Being you is richly imbued with guidance and will only head you towards true north.

Final thought: No one can do what you can do when you are being you.

All the best,


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