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July 3, 2008


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I must confess that I am not a big fan of fireworks. I realize that puts me in a woeful minority of the population that’s marching to the beat of a different firecracker.

I’m not forming a support group, nor am I protesting the use of fireworks. They are beautiful displays and they have their place, but the “boom” has been off that rose for me for a long time.

In the field of personal development, there is a wing that’s focused on instant change. I must admit that at one time they had my attention as well. They have very explosive workshops dedicated to everything from get rich quick to eradicating your fears in a weekend. They are a lot like fireworks with tons of “ooh-ing and aah-ing.” And when it’s over, there’s not much left other than the memory. They do offer strategies to take with you, but few are motivated to follow-up without the rocket’s red glare generated by the pep rally atmosphere. These performances are grand to witness and also have their place.

It got me to thinking about AH-HA moments. They are not explosions. They’re more of a popping through the soil like a flower first seeking the light. It’s a gentler process. The reaction we have to an AH-HA moment may contain the excitement of fireworks but the learning event itself is more natural.

Personal emergence follows nature. It’s a process. We have the tendency to judge it only by the sudden burst through the soil but there are deeper roots to this progression.

The difficulty is we are too focused on results without doing the requisite work. Our cultural conditioning encourages us to look for a pocket full of fairy dust rather than immerse ourselves in the rich soil of growth.

When our focus is outward, we seek fireworks. When our focus is inward we experience the soft implosion of discovery.

The red, white and blue truth is “it” isn’t out there. You can keep searching, but the horizon will keep moving away from you with each step you take towards it. You can’t get there from here.

If you want true independence, find a strategy, philosophy, discipline or teacher that takes you inward. The rewards are greater and longer lasting than any “sigh in the sky” experience.

Happy 4th of July!


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