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October 11, 2007


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Joseph A. PietrantonioI attended a funeral this morning of one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met. He was a real estate agent named Joe “Pete.” Joe sold me my home 26 years ago. I would run into Joe every 5 years or so by accident and he always remembered me and my family members which always impressed me.

Joe and I didn’t socialize. He just sold me our home but in the process made such an impression on me that I have told many, many people countless stories about him. Joe knew how to make people comfortable. He was easy to be around, funny, savvy, and a character.

I didn’t know anyone at the funeral but I felt compelled to go. I had to let his surviving loved ones know how memorable of a person he was, eventhough I only spent hours with him.

So let me pose a question. Is there anyone who has made a lasting, positive impression on you that you have never acknowledged? Is there someone you may have grown apart from whom you never thanked for the contribution they made to your life? Now may be the day to dust off your gratitude and let that person know.

Expressing thanks forgotten can open up places in you that you have yet to discover. Additionally, I can assure you that you will bring sunshine to the life of the person you have yet to thank.

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