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October 31, 2011


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When is O.K. not O.K.?

That’s a question The Grasshopper asked this morning and I’ve been fishing for an answer ever since.

It feels like a conundrum yet I sense if I keep exploring, something will pop.

I sense that real O.K. is a kinesthetic sensation, something you feel in your body. Fake O.K. seems to be masquerading as O.K. in our heads.

In other words, if I tell myself something is O.K. often enough, that will make it O.K. But that’s not real O.K.; it’s only a cheap knockoff.

So the answer I’m getting is that when you have an O.K. in your head but your body is registering a not O.K. sensation, it’s not O.K.

It’s sort of like the baseball rule that a tie goes to the runner. That means if the umpire senses that the ball hits the fielder’s glove at the same time the runner’s foot hits the base, the runner get a safe call.

I believe it’s a pretty safe bet that if you are receiving an O.K. signal in your head and a not O.K. signal in your body, that it’s in your best interest to rule in favor of your body.

By the way, the signal in the body always arrives first. If we are not tuned into our sensations, we often miss the signal, but it’s always there. If we miss it, we go with the signal in our head. If they both match up, that’s great news; if they don’t match up, we’re in for some discomfort.

O.K. is not O.K when it’s purely a cerebral event. If you have discounted the sensation in your body, more often than not you will not be O.K.

Bottom line: Trust your tingle. It’s the best barometer for finding genuine O.K.


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