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May 13, 2008


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Dr. Gregory House on the TV show, HOUSE says, “Everyone lies.” We all tell lies. It’s the work of the ego.

There are the white lies, the lies to escape blame, the ones to build ourselves up or tear someone else down, and an ongoing list of lies that have reasons too numerous to mention. Not lying to others – although a noble goal – is a pattern that is not going away anytime soon.

Did you notice that you can’t lie to the mirror? A mirror has no agenda other than to reflect back what shows up in its area.

Here is a very simple and profound exercise: Spend sometime today with a mirror. Have a conversation with the person in the mirror and admit, aloud, what lies you have been telling to yourself. Just stand before a mirror and allow the lies you have been telling yourself to come up one by one. Bring them out for inspection and vow to the person in the mirror that you will never tell this lie to yourself again.

This is not an exercise in recrimination or judgement. It’s an exercise in forgiveness.

Admit to yourself that you have been telling these lies to yourself for a long time and ask your mirrored self for forgiveness for not being forthright.

This is a very powerful exercise that you can do in private. This is no one’s business but yours. Once you look yourself in the eye and admit that you’ve lied, you open up a space for forgiveness to flow into.

When you feel the power of forgiveness flow through you, you will feel the burden of carrying this lie around drop like a ton of bricks, and the lightness you will feel is more than worth the effort.

It takes courage to tell the truth – even to yourself. Once you muster the courage to do this exercise, you will remove blocks to your growth that lying always produces.

Once you stop lying to yourself, then you can take on the challenge of being more truthful with others.

Every lie you live is a block to your freedom.

Talk to your mirror today and find the unvarnished truth. Unchain yourself from the pain of living a lie.

All the best,


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