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April 16, 2008

Birthday Magic

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Ever hire a magician for a child’s birthday party? He entertains the party participants with his sleight of hand tricks and an entrancing performance. The Oohs and Aahs are everywhere and it’s fun to watch and wonder.

Somewhere along the line, the underlying notion that the birthday show was all illusion with no real magic enters our awareness. This is truly a birthday gift.

The magician called “conditioning” has us focus on the number of candles on the cake while we miss what he’s really doing – pulling the tablecloth over our eyes.

His sleight of hand is that our life is determined by the number of years the candles indicate. The magic seems real for most.

Side Note: This is not a “you’re as young as you feel” lecture. You can get all of that you need by watching a “Juiceman” commercial.

This is more of a shift in perspective so that you can get a glimpse of the part of you that isn’t limited by the form it inhabits.

When we focus on our form, we are paying attention to the temporary light of the candles, rather than the ever present light that shines through us. This is the light that allows us to participate in life no matter if there is a bonfire on our cake. This light has inexhaustible candle power and will shine brightly our entire lives.

Find that light. Stop paying attention to the magician and the illusion. Find the real birthday magic – the one gift that will keep on giving – the light that shines through you. It will illuminate you and those around you and the warmth it provides will keep you cozy your entire life.

I am beginning a new birthday tradition today – putting one candle on my cake. It will remind me of the one light that shines through us all – the light of life.

Happy Birthday!


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