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October 23, 2007


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When we pick apart someone we assess as more skilled than we are, that keeps a sense of “Im not enough” stuck. Putting them down leads us to the mental notion that “they’re not so hot.”

The natural other-than-conscious correlation is: neither are we because we already perceive ourselves a rung down.

This flaw finding makes our intellect feel superior and gives us a sense that we are better than them. This translates to us not having to get any better. It’s like picking apart rich people. It will keep you stuck on the financial rung you are on.

Bless success wherever you see it.

The same stuckness happens when we go the other way and find fault with less skilled people than we are. Our intellect gets a superior mindset that locks us into place. The idea that forms as an offshoot of this attitude is, “I don’t need to get any better because I’m already superior to someone less skilled than me.”

We get sandwiched in the middle everytime with fault finding.

It’s human to judge and discriminate.¬† And if we keep the judgement alive by having extended, ad nauseam conversations¬†regarding it, that’s when the glue starts to harden.

So here’s a little maxim to remember: If you judge and won’t budge, you are stuck.

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