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November 25, 2009


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The Grasshopper was up early this morning and had this to say, “Most people have the wrong ‘tude.”

Then I heard him say, “Gratitude is a bird you can’t overcook.”

Seems we all have an “attitude” about something. The thing we too often don’t realize is that it hurts us more than the person we give “attitude” to.

Our ‘tude makes us brood.

Brooding is on the other side of the continuum from gratitude.

Are you bringing “attitude” to Thanksgiving dinner?” It’s a question worth asking. Attitude is something best left off the menu because it’s difficult to digest and worse than food poisoning.

Here’s one suggestion: Check your attitude at the door and change into your gratitude apparel. There is always something to be grateful for, and you can always grab your ‘tude on your way out if you want.

Or, even better, use Jerry Stocking‘s exercise and bring the opposite forces together in your body – ‘Tude and Gratitude. The objective is to bring them in from the opposite poles and have them neutralize each other to see what shows up in their place. It’s a great way to calibrate yourself to a place of creativity, so you’re not bringing something contrived for consumption.

No one benefits by your “attitude,” especially you.

As we head into Thanksgiving, give some consideration to whom you’ll be bringing to dinner – you or your ‘tude.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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